Real World Outside

PopClik is a new brand of consumer headphones, earphones and speakers in the U.S. and South America on a mission to reimagine how sound quality and design can bring emotion and excitement back to the listener.








As noted PopClik was new to the U.S. and South America market space. With their drive for better design and sound quality they wanted to introduce an entirely new generation of possibilities and experiences to their listeners. With that in mind they wanted to start to reach their customers via advertising and creative experiences that would speak to their brand.

This is where our team at Y&R/Bravo engaged to promote this drive but to also develop a spotlight  for this client and increase the positive impact it would have to its extended customer but also raising the awareness to what the agencies creative process.

What’s the challenge?

My creative and Illustrative direction lead up four different illustrators which you’ll see how we took this challenge and ran with it. Under my creative direction we spotted a simple approach and this is where the idea for the campaign took flight, that stated PopClik “Keep the real world Outside” which delivered on our clients product value and noise canceling features and created that Alice in Wonderland experience within listening to your favorite music.

The largest challenge here was to gather those specific artist that would resonate with the panel of judges for awards and those specific criteria’s but also how would list of  musical artists would speak for it self and their larger body of work. So could the visual speak for it self.

Long story short our selected artist were :Iron Maiden, Bob Marley, The Beatles, and Madonna.

both Iron Maiden and Bob Marley were featured in Lürzer’s Archive Vol. 05-2014

Work in Progress

preliminary sketches and direction

As the team started to iterate on various artists and their music genres, we started to arrive on these particular selected artist that gave us a better strategy and direction within the story we were trying to create. Mainly the best artists we choose where those with a larger catalogue of music, that just from a popularity perspective but also from a direction on understanding our audience, in this case our judges, their age groups and realizing those experiences within the music would let the visuals speak for it self.

Here are a few of our iterations using an outline sketch drawing and place holder headphones using various selected musical artists – based on earlier conversations and insights with our team.

“- Guess and see at first sight if you can call out each of the performers.”


Fine Details

music inside – real world outside

As the narrative with these pieces grew the largest aspect of visual creative execution also took flight as myself and the team started to gather various references within the musical artist library of music, those themes we captured and researched which reminded us as fans, but also those specific and unique themes that made the artist or bands what they were and capture those vibrant album’s, what made that first appearance resonant.

Also the specific stories of the Real world outside – “The Outside Noise”, that distracted us from the vibrant sounds, were also areas that our team gathered to describe a day in the life of an average person that would plug in a headset and capture the world. One reference captured in the Iron Maiden illustration was the emergency/hospital/sirens perspective, loud, distractive.

Iron Maiden


Katie Perry

Keep the Real World Outside!

The slogan the model and the perspective for this illustration journey, below are the final creative illustrations that our team put into realization, all the hard work and tears paid off and I’ll let you as the audience explore below.

I have to say I really enjoyed how the contrast from “inside the headset” musical artist played so well with the “outside chaos”.

Iron Maiden

Bob Marley