A LITTLE ABOUT ME                                 

I ‘m Eli Ferrer a Futurist / Influencer / Gastronaut / Street Art Hunter / Fearless One / Transdisciplinary Design practitioner, Mentor + Leader specializing in experience, innovation and strategic design. By merging different disciplines to produce radical approaches and outcomes, I help invent and make things that can change the world. Currently I work as a Senior ACD/Digital lead, at a globally recognized company. Every day I work on developing new products and digital spaces;

Also, one of my biggest passions is helping UX designers grow their tool kits. Mentoring colleagues not just the ability, to use various design apps on daily tasks. But also possess the talent to formulate ideas, brainstorm, and collaborate with their team to help drive and improve,
the use of storytelling to help describe a scenario that shows how the design process helps accomplish viable business goals i.e. (Design Thinking/Agile Dev./Design Sprints).

I have a proven success record of guiding product experiences from ideation through launch. I do this via storytelling, technology, ideation, and simply curiosity, prototyping both digital experiences and analog hands on style. I’m a “jack of all trades”, prototyping both digital experiences and analog hands on style. I love to get my hands dirty. You could also say that I love jumping through rings of fire while enjoying tea and crumpets!

I love what I do and have a passion for building strong team culture and truly relevant, unique innovative experiences that basically blow your mind away.















My process begins by collaborating with the larger group where every relevant piece of the user journey is studied and applied. Research and interviews with key players, ideas and collecting valuable data enabling the team to paint a picture of where the client is and where they would like to be.


We then start the process of collecting the user-human centered design methodologies, defining the problem and figuring out where our clients should be. Be it by simple content matrices wireframes structures that start to create a blueprint.


We capitalize on the experience and perspectives with agile design sprint/development. Multiple rapid prototyping with the intent to solve the problem with our successful failures and encourage our team members to identify the ideas that have legs through ideation and creation.


Vast testing follows be it A/B or Usability Testing where the user can poke holes and identify strengths or weakness in the prototype. We then iterate/revise until there is a robust product where it best satisfies the brief and displays the freshest, smartest thinking.


We then collaborate and distribute the production tasks and make magic. A little UX/UI design here and Dev work there and of course while checking in with the client at key points throughout the process, in order to co-create the end product on time and ready to kick ass.