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Design Leadership:

Leading a cross-functional team to establish key programs to help amplify the impact of design within the business, enterprise products, and company culture. Landing Pages NEW

Design at Scale:

Scaling design requires clear strategy aligned to business goals, a holistic, design-led process, along with internal and external educational evangelism. Keyframe Animation NEW

Design Execution:

As an individual contributor and design lead, quality execution is paramount. I still love rolling up my sleeves, working with users, and delivering impact. Help Mode in editor NEW

Slide I ‘m Eli GOLD Ferrer a Brand Builder / Futurist / Mentor / Gastronaut / Street Art Hunter / Fearless One - specializing in Strategy, UX Design, and Technology. By merging different disciplines such as (Design Thinking, Agile or Design Sprints) I work on developing new products and digital spaces from ideation through launch. My curiosity is what drives me to always find the "WHY's", that help change how the world interacts and thinks.
All key factors within the process of design and the art of storytelling within experiences that drive ideation, technology, or simple curiosity which are the footprint of large enterprises or small brands.

Recent work I’ve completed for some amazing clients

Design Sprint
The next generation of
home improvement
Analyze & Iterate
Interconnected Journey
Fedex Activation
Los Solucionistas
Content & Strategy
The right card for
the Right Project
Design Thinking
Home Depot Next Gen
Dell World Cup
Listen & Respond
Dell Fanatics
Venue 8 & 11 Pro Campaign
HD UI Toolkit
Scalable & Modular
Design Language

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I had the amazing opportunity to design, unpack, concept complex business and consumer “Human” challenges. Building clarity and Design Thinking within strategic Business goals in order to help them operate, build, deploy, and manage enterprise products and services.

I'm Eli GOLD Ferrer.

Interaction Design


Content Strategy

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Solving the world's problems, one breakfast taco at a time
I always love working with new people and solving fun and challenging problems. So if you'd like to discuss how we might be able to work together, let’s have a chat over some nitro brew coffee or beer. VIEW WORK

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East coast leader, mentor, speaker, father working out of the ATL Georgia. My hours are spent as the Head of UX and Product Design for Wabtec, but in my spare time I am a hobbyiest that uses his hands to build / learn, make some great BBQ, and pets every dog I can find.
Contact T.: 786.210.7430
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