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I ‘m Eli Ferrer (a User Experience Design Director obsessed with the big idea). Currently I work as a Senior ACD/Digital lead, at a globally recognized company. Every day I work on developing new products and digital spaces. I’m a Hybrid UX Designer, Brand Builder, Gastronaut, Street Art Hunter, plus a Full Time Crazy One;

I do not have a cute manifesto written by a copywriter. If I stand for anything, it is for you and for the idea. My expertise lies within my ability to integrate diverse styles across multiple project needs; whether that’s to sell more, build a bigger fan base, or gain more awesomeness for your brand.

I have a proven success record of guiding product experiences from ideation through launch. I do this via storytelling, technology, ideation, and simply curiosity. I’m a “jack of all trades”, prototyping both digital experiences and analog hands on style. I love to get my hands dirty. You could also say that I love jumping through rings of fire while enjoying tea and crumpets!

I love what I do and have a passion for building strong team culture and truly relevant, unique innovative experiences that basically blow your mind away. For a few more fun facts about me, please follow me on my Twitter or visit my LinkedIn page.

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